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The climate in Colorado – forewarned is forearmed!

Among many other things, Colorado is famous for its peculiar climate. Not only the weather may change dramatically day-to-day, but also the seasonal cycles are pretty unpredictable yet surely severe. In other words, hardly anyone can get surprised when a massive snowfall can follow a sunny bountiful day in June.

Perceptions in Colorado are a whole separate story. Here you will find all of them – from trivial rain to a massive halo. However, the topography of the state makes the whole talk about “Colorado climate” absurd. For example, while Denver citizens may enjoy mild sunny springs, Steamboat Springs may be washed off by a massive rainfall. Generally, the severity and annual amount or perceptions increase the further you go up the mountains.

So, technically, Colorado citizens might be the most durable and prepared people in the whole United States. They see major floods at least once a year, know how to protect their property from a massive halo, can drive in a snow blizzard, and, of course, truly appreciate sunny days.

Moisture that comes from all over the world

Although Colorado is a well in-land state and does not border any Ocean, its climate is greatly influenced by the Pacific Moisture. Cold winds bring it to the state. Therefore Colorado winters are famous for being the wettest you can possibly imagine.

This peculiarity has taught people to pay extra attention to materials for their households and their maintenance. For example, alternative decking materials have become more and more popular here. Less vulnerable to moist and temperature extremes, they don’t require any specific maintenance and can serve much longer.

At the same time, those who chose to go for classic wooden solutions are often very neat with their annual staining, varnishing, and other maintenance routines that help them keep their property neat and safe for decades.

However, the enormous humidity and specifications don’t end once the spring comes. In fact, the first signs of snowmelt bring a whole new meaning to rainfall in Colorado and do not guarantee that snow blizzards won’t come back in the nearest future.

As soon as the temperatures at the earth’s surface start to rise, snowmelt causes massive cloud formation. And while the cold air is not ready to go anywhere yet, it meets those clouds up in the sky, makes them expand, cool, and burst into massive participation over the land of Colorado.

It happens due to several factors. First of all, massive moisture streams come at the beginning of the stream from the Subtropical Atlantic and Gulf. At the same time, mountains seem to capture the cold winter air while bulking the spring warmth, which instantly leads to massive precipitations.

Due to global warming and climate change, the state’s average temperature has recently raised by about 2 degrees (F). This increase may seem insignificant for an average citizen, but practice shows that Colorado faces floods and droughts more often today than it had in the XX century. And the rates are only increasing.

Therefore once you live in Colorado, you should be prepared to waterproof your property and protect it from wildfires that happen more and more often today.


Once you live in the Eastern part of the state, the humidity will strike you mostly in the summer. Here the end of May and June might be the wettest months in the year. And due to the fact that mountains on the western part won’t let cold air move any further, don’t be surprised to wake up to a snowy morning at the beginning of June in this area.

However, this humidity will slowly but surely move to the West, causing massive precipitations on the way. And unlike spring and summer that often don’t rush themselves, winter starts to demonstrate the first signs of snow build-up as early as the middle of October.


Those weather deviations and the increasing level of precipitations make water control the main issue and concern for property owners and local authorities in the state. On the one hand, the local infrastructure is designed to withstand all the climate specifications of the state. Still, at the same time, constant maintenance and restoration become an ultimate issue.

It is very important to address professional assistance and consultation once you want to prolong your property’s lifespan and its outdoor extensions, such as decks or outdoor kitchens. Proper choice of building materials, thought-through design, and execution is made according to the highest standards. It will guarantee that your property will stay safe, comfortable and keep its best looks for a longer time.

The climate of Colorado is more diverse than you can ever imagine. Due to the fact that mountains control the airstreams in all directions, here, you can witness everything: Extreme heat and freeze, showers and snow blizzards, floods and droughts. The state of Colorado is also a no stranger to forest fires as well as hail and even tornadoes.

These severe weather conditions appear to be the main expenditure matter for the state’s budget in general and each household particularly. That is why once you decide to buy or renovate a property in Colorado, or add any outdoor constructions, make sure that you choose durable and low-maintenance materials that will manage to withstand all the deviations of local climate without devaluating your investments into the property.


Green Grass Lawn Mowing, Commercial Facility Lawn Management

Commercial Lawn Care is Important for Your Business

By Tanya Bure

Learn how a tidy lawn will help you stand out among competitors.

Tidy, clean lawns are mostly associated with residential areas. Living in the Denver suburbs, you most probably have to take good care of your lawn. Those may be requirements of HOA guidelines or a natural aesthetic desire to look at a pretty green healthy grass every morning. There may be lots of other reasons. For example, a tidy lawn enhances the overall aesthetics of your property and boosts the price up once you decide to put it on a market. And of course, you would prefer your children and pets to play on soft cushy grass.

But when we talk about commercial properties, hardly anyone considers exterior a significant success factor for the business. And this is a huge mistake! Remember how we were told not to judge a candy by its wrapping? Well, we do! And for most potential customers and business partners the location and image of your company determine the attitude and overall further relationships. In this article, we shall demonstrate how your Denver-located business can instantly benefit from investing in qualified landscaping services.


Lawn and landscape are the first things they see!

Even if you have the most user-friendly and colorful website or social media profile, at some point your prosperous customer or business partner may have to arrive at your physical location. Most probably, you have spent some significant amount of money and energy on your online presence if they were attracted enough and decided to meet your business in person. Good for you!

But all that investment may be in vain if the positive impression you have managed to make will break against the dirty, untidy landscape and overall disappointing and depressing look of your commercial property. No matter how professional you may be, how unique and innovative your solutions are, the fact that you don`t bother to moan the grass around your establishment, pick up some yellow leaves and fallen branches may be a sign that you just don`t care too much.

So, don`t be surprised if this untidy image can become a dealbreaker for most people. You may think that the lawn, driveway, or sidewalks are unimportant for the overall performance of your IT or transportation business and it can be true. But believe it or not, 2 out of 3 US customers claim that the property image tells them all they need to know about a company`s credibility.


They notice everything!

With the quarantine restrictions on the number of people who can be indoors simultaneously or due to some operation procedures, there is a strong chance that your customers will have to wait outside for some time. And while most of them will be occupied with their gadgets, at some point they will start to simply gaze around.

And how sharp do we become sometimes when we have nothing better to do than just look around. They will notice everything, count how many leaves lie on the lawn, notice how uneven the grass is, and of course pay attention to craws playing on dry brunches. And those who come with children tend to have a superhero vision. No sharp stone, bent fence, or muddy puddle will escape their sight! So even if some details seem insignificant to you, but you have to let customers hang around your property for a while, you may be sure that after 10 minutes they will have a strong opinion about the attitude and condition of your business.


Neglected landscape can be dangerous.

Aesthetics aside, neglecting dry branches or rocks on the pathway may put your employees and customers in grave danger. Do you know that only in 2020 Denver courts adjudicated claims of injuries that happened on commercial properties for almost $1 bln? And this happened while we were locked at home for several months.

You are fully responsible for the safety of every visitor. Once a person gets injured on your property, he has a full right to sue you for neglecting or putting him in danger. So, eventually, an untidy lawn, a rock on a driveway, or a branch that can fall on a sidewalk may cost you millions.

Even if no one gets hurt, there is a strong risk of damage or even destroy your assets – vehicles, equipment, and the real estate itself. Comparing to those costs, paying a professional to keep an eye on the aesthetics and safety of your territory seems like a smart insurance investment.


Leave it to the professionals

Those were some most obvious reasons to take good care of the landscape of your commercial property. And most business owners understand them. However, we understand that you already have enough on your plate to care about things like even lawn or clean driveways. Not to mention seeming indulgences like seasonal planting, picking up the best kind of turf for your soil and conditions, or the overall landscape design. However, those are crucial factors. They won`t just make your business look better.

Here are only some benefits of a well-maintained property exterior:   

  • Clean and tidy exterior attracts potential customers and raises your credibility in their eyes;
  • According to the looks of your property, people decide about the value of your goods and services;
  • Attention to details is an important factor for business partners and investors;
  • Placed in a tidy and pleasing landscape, people feel inspired and happy, which automatically encourages them to spend money more willingly;
  • Employees feel more engaged and tend to work harder once they feel comfortable, safe, and aesthetically pleased at their workplace.

Now you see that the maintenance of your commercial property is as important for the overall success of your enterprise as digital marketing strategies, IT protocols, and governance.

Want to learn about all additional benefits and make your Denver business stand out among competitors, contact us today and get an instant quote on various professional landscaping services tailored specifically for the demands and peculiarities of your establishment. Our qualified professionals, high-quality equipment, and years of experience guarantee to instantly enhance the image of your enterprise in the eyes of customers, business partners, and investors.

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Reasons to Get a Professional Snow and Ice Control Service in Denver this Year

By Tanya Bure

Living in Denver, you are not a stranger to all the joys and downsides of real winters. Snow blizzards, icicles, and frozen driveways and sidewalks are just a part of your winter routine. Sometimes they just make you late for work, but in some cases, those traditional winter attributes may put you, your family members, or customers into grave danger.

People slip and fall, get hit with icicles and branches that break under the weight of fresh-fallen snow all the time. Most of the time they get away with bruises or make some hilarious videos for social media. But sometimes the injuries may be pretty serious and even lethal.

Another potential danger from the lack of snow and ice control is the damage icicles and snowdrifts may cause to your property and assets. Not just falling and getting on the way, but once all those tons of snow and ice start to melt in the spring, damaging your lawns, real estate, flooding basements, and making vehicles and equipment rust and rot.

Whether we are talking about private real estate or commercial property, you may try to take control over snow and ice yourself. But let`s be honest: don`t you already have too much on your plate during the winter season? Not to mention all the equipment you will have to buy or rent and time spent clearing driveways or getting rid of icicles. Sometimes addressing a professional is just easier than trying to deal with the issue yourself!

Here are several reasons not to try your luck and book a snow and ice control from Kona today!

Guarantees and peace of mind

Having to deal with seasonal sales, equipment or commodities purchase, business strategies, and negotiations, do you want to waste your time looking for time and resources to clean driveways or remove icicles? However, the safe and well-maintained commercial and residential territory is your responsibility and a crucial success factor.

Once someone gets hurt or injured on your property because of poor snow and ice maintenance, you may face a heavy lawsuit that can finish your business and destroy your reputation. Icy sidewalks and driveway may put your visitors or family members in grave danger. Not to mention all the car accidents that are so common for Denver winters.

By booking a professional Snow And Ice control service from Kona, you protect your family, property, or business from tragic or costly consequences. Our experience, knowledge, and professional equipment will guarantee you that this winter will bring only the brightest memories and prosperity to your household or business.

Contingencies and investment

Don`t get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with rolling your sleeves up once in a while and dealing with the problem. But Denver winters may get pretty harsh, bringing serious snow blizzards, extreme temperatures, and quite unpredictable weather forecast.

To deal with all this snow and ice you will need some quality equipment and special knowledge and skills. Of course, the modern market does not lack choice and every dealer will willingly demonstrate your large inventory of snow throwers, leaf blowers, and other handy pieces. But to make an informed decision, you will have to conduct pretty complimentary research that will take a lot of your time. Not to mention the fact that quality equipment that won`t cause you any trouble will be pretty costly. There is also a wide choice of various chemicals and products that will help you keep your sidewalk and driveway ice-free once you manage to get rid of them. But some of them may be pretty toxic or even illegal due to local environmental regulations. So not only they may be dangerous once you are not qualified to use them but cause you serious legal complications.

And eventually, do you want to waste your free time or full weekend dealing with snowdrifts and icicles? Addressing a professional ice and snow contractor like Kona, you get qualified professional service without having to research, buy, maintain, and store complicated equipment and chemicals.


Maintenance and responsibility

Even if you don`t mind spending some time on research and invest some extra money into quality equipment, it still does not mean that your spending on DIY snow-control is over. Any equipment that requires maintenance can get pretty costly. Once you are an amateur or just start mastering power outdoor equipment, it is pretty common to push your equipment over the limit unintentionally. As a result, you may face a faster ware-off, unnecessary replacements, or failures.

Another important factor is the safety of using power snow-maintenance outdoor equipment. Though most snow throwers are designed to be safe and user-friendly, various injuries and traumas are almost inevitable. Not to mention that sometimes they may get pretty harsh. Except for the equipment itself you will need special protective clothes and accessories to keep you safe while working. However, don`t be surprised once you will feel broken and tired the day after as dealing with power outdoor equipment may be compared to a full day spent in a gym once you are not used to it.

By addressing Kona, you will save yourself all those troubles and potential risks. Moreover, we work according to the relevant snow control and safety regulations of Denver and guarantee that your household or business territory will meet all the demands. Our inventory allows us to use the equipment that will work perfectly on your landscape without compromising on the safety, damaging your property, or causing any additional costs. We use eco-friendly products and materials and treat your property with care and respect.

Just imagine that you have spent all your day-off clearing snow off your driveway, fighting icicles, and cleaning sidewalks, and just a couple of days later another snow blizzard brought those snowdrifts back! From now on professional, safe, and eco-friendly snow-control solution is just one phone call away. Contact us now and make sure that Denver winter will bring you only the happiest memories and joy!

Types of Snow Removal Contracts for Commercial Properties

Types of Snow Removal Contracts for Commercial Properties

In order to receive the best possible snow removal service, you need to know some basic terms and conditions that come with a contract from a company. A good contract will be determined by your property’s specific needs and will come with the signed agreement of service. While a contract is mainly important to ensure the job is done correctly, the way you choose to pay for the service is just as crucial. If you need further clarification about the options of such services, read on for an explanation of the types of snow removal contracts for commercial properties.

Seasonal Contracts

Many snow removal companies like to provide options for their commercial clients. A contract that is seasonal is similar to a Netflix or Spotify subscription. You simply pay once, and then you can bask in the benefits of the contract for the selected amount of time. These kinds of contracts are quite popular among property managers, as they tend to relieve stress and tension throughout the winter season. Typically, these contracts are a two to three-year agreement that comes with a fixed price per month for the company’s snow services, so they are ideal for the budget-conscious business owner.

Per Event or Per Push Contracts

Another option out of the different types of snow removal contracts for commercial properties is a contract that is “per event.” This kind of contract is ideal for property managers who desire freedom, as they are not tied down to a long-term contract, nor do they have to pay for services they do not receive. This contract is for snow services when snow is plowed per snowstorm or snowfall.

Again, a per event contract provides service only if snow falls to a certain agreed-upon amount. For companies that offer “per push” contracts, a client would only pay each time the contractor plows the property. A per push contract would not cover multiple visits throughout a long or heavy snowstorm.

Full-Service Contracts

Full-service contracts are a sweet spot for any property manager. Contractors go above and beyond with their snow and ice removal services. Like seasonal contracts, these contracts are also usually set for several years, but they come with extra power to fight winter weather and potential dangers at commercial properties. HOAs and retail property managers will like this contract option because they will be fully covered for whatever winter brings.

If you’re currently in the market for snow removal services for your commercial property in Denver, Colorado, you’ve come to the right place. From this winter on, Kona Snow & Turf will be the perfect company to handle your service needs in Colorado’s coldest season. Our expert snow removal contractors hit the roads early to take good care of your property. Contact us about our available snow service contracts today.


Why You Should Hire a Professional Snow Removal Service

Should you use the services of a snow removal specialist? Should you do the snow removal work yourself? In this post we have highlighted some benefits of using the service of a snow removal company and why you should consider it for your business or property.

As the snow accumulates outside your home, parking lot or working space, it is often an uphill task to do it yourself. When properties and commercial facilities space are clad in snow it reduces the activeness of the environment and can affect operation and productivity. Furthermore not clearing the snow on time can cost you money, time and most likely put you in legal trouble.

There are different regulations regarding snow removal in different places. Some places do not have snow removal decrees while others have very strict rules that must be followed or you risk being fined.

With that being said, here are solid benefits and reasons why you should hire a professional snow removal service.

You Are Free from Injuries and Accidents

Clearing the snow from your properties space is no easy task and can often lead to injuries and accidents. For example clearing the snow on your roof can be tricky and dangerous if you are inexperienced. Hiring a professional snow removal service to help execute this task will help prevent you from the injuries and accidents that can happen when you do it yourself.

Also for old people and individuals with health issues like back pain and high blood pressure, shoveling and clearing out snow yourself is not ideal. As the combination of extreme cold and heavy snow clearing activities can be detrimental to your health. Also you are likely to end up with back injuries due to wrong snow removal techniques you will use. You are not saving cost by not hiring a snow removal service. Instead you are risking your health if you are doing it yourself.

Avoid Lawsuits and Liability

In the case of commercial facilities and properties business owners are responsible for any injuries and accidents that happen on their property as a result of bad snow clearing job. Tons of lawsuits can wreck your business and can be a pain in the neck. However when you hire a professional snow removal service, the job will be well-executed (if you hire the right company) therefore you can dodge the bullet of lawsuit. You can also avoid being fined through timely snow clearance, as most municipal corporations fine citizens that fail to clear their sidewalks and driveways on time.

Fast and Reliable Service

Doing the snow clearance job yourself can take a lot of time and there are chances you won’t do it well. A professional snow removal company on the other hand will do it well and much more faster than when you do it yourself. This is because they have advanced and necessary equipment for snow removal. They also do this every year and have enough experience on how to best make use of time and finish your snow clearing project in a timely manner. Due to this you won’t have to pause activity on your commercial space for long and you can go back to being operational in no time.

Thorough and Professional

Aside from injuries and accidents that can happen if you do your snow clearing job yourself, you can also end up ruining the well-built landscape of your property as a result of improper technique used in snow clearing activities. To avoid the likelihood of damaging your property’s foundation when clearing  your driveway or sidewalk, you can hand over your snow removal service to a reliable snow removal company. With the experienced amassed from vast snow removal projects these companies are able clear the snow from your property without damaging your property and the project is executed efficiently.

Save Money and Time

In the case of commercial properties clearing the snow off your property yourself means you have to pause activities of your business; that means you lose money and time. Also, you have to buy some equipment (salts, shovels or a snow blower among others) if you want to do it yourself and that’s extra cost, especially if you have a large area to clear (and you probably won’t do a good job still).

Hiring a professional snow removal service will help you save cost as you need not invest in equipment and do not need any knowledge of operation. A strategic business owner knows that time is money, hiring a professional will save time and save cost.

Keep Your Day Productive and Stress Free

Waking up to see your property clad in snow can be tiring, considering the time you have to clear it yourself. This can disrupt your daily schedule and you might end up having a not too productive day. When your residential properties are snow-clad you might be able to clear it without worry however it becomes stressful if both your commercial property and home space needs to be cleared. Therefore hiring a professional snow removal service to handle the clearing of snow on your commercial space will lift the stress off your shoulder and you can go about your daily activities without worrying. Your money will do the job for you.

Get a Clear Sidewalk and Driveways for the Holidays

You can agree that clearing the snow on your driveway on Christmas is not the best way to spend the holiday, yeah?

Most snow removal company are available to help you do this task even on holidays. When you hire a professional snow removal service you can focus on spending the quality festive period with your family without doing and hard work in the cold weather. In most cases these companies will come perform the snow clearing service on your property right on time and you don’t even have to call them to do it, that is if you have a yearly contract with the snow removal company.


These are some of the benefits of hiring a snow removal company to clear your commercial property and home space. If you are fit enough to do the job yourself, sure you can, but to save time and get a neat job done it pays more to hire a professional service.

If you need a snow removal and outdoor maintenance service for your commercial facility then we at konasnowremoval are available to help you execute this task with efficiency. We provide quality and timely snow removal services for commercial vicinities, home properties, and general outdoor facility snow removal and maintenance.

Kona Snow & Turf has been providing quality outdoor maintenance and snow removal service in Colorado and its business owners since 2006. We are a family owned and operated business dedicated to providing top notch service and committed to the satisfaction of clients who choose us to handle their outdoor facility maintenance project and help create the outdoor living space of their dreams which they can enjoy throughout all seasons.

We provide services in the following areas

  • Aurora
  • Castle Pines
  • Castle Rock
  • Centennial
  • Cherry Creek
  • Cherry Hills Village
  • Denver Tech Center
  • Englewood
  • Greenwood Village
  • Highlands Ranch
  • Ken Caryl
  • Lakewood
  • Littleton
  • Lone Tree
  • Morrison
  • Parker
  • Park Meadows



How To Hire a Reputable Snow Removal Company

How To Hire a Reputable Snow Removal Company

Out of all the pickles your business or property could be in, a winter without reputable snow removal service could be the very worst. Don’t let it get that far. Snow and ice are known to damage property as well as people, so it’s best to find a service company that can provide for all your winter needs.

Even if a company appears capable to fit your needs, you shouldn’t choose the first one you come across. Let’s dive deeper into how to hire a reputable snow removal company to ensure your property ends up in the best hands.

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How To Keep Your Apartment Community Safe This Winter

How To Keep Your Apartment Community Safe This Winter

The cold weather is well on its way. Perhaps you’re already feeling a chill in the air and dreading the longevity of the bleak season ahead. Never fear—there’s still time to prepare your property and send friendly reminders to residents for their own safety. Take a closer look at these winter preventive maintenance tasks to take care of and focus on as winter approaches in your area. If you’re still curious, here are some specific tips for how to keep your apartment community safe this winter.

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The Benefits of Hiring Snow Removal Professionals

The Benefits of Hiring Snow Removal Professionals

Winter is just around the corner, and you know what the coldest season of the year brings to our corner of the planet. Snow is incredibly beautiful—but a dangerous hazard if not taken care of properly. Homeowners, business owners, and property managers alike are aware of the potential problems and troubling situations snow can cause. Here are the top benefits of hiring snow removal professionals to keep in mind before deciding where you should reach out for service.

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