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Commercial Lawn Care is Important for Your Business

By Tanya Bure

Learn how a tidy lawn will help you stand out among competitors.

Tidy, clean lawns are mostly associated with residential areas. Living in the Denver suburbs, you most probably have to take good care of your lawn. Those may be requirements of HOA guidelines or a natural aesthetic desire to look at a pretty green healthy grass every morning. There may be lots of other reasons. For example, a tidy lawn enhances the overall aesthetics of your property and boosts the price up once you decide to put it on a market. And of course, you would prefer your children and pets to play on soft cushy grass.

But when we talk about commercial properties, hardly anyone considers exterior a significant success factor for the business. And this is a huge mistake! Remember how we were told not to judge a candy by its wrapping? Well, we do! And for most potential customers and business partners the location and image of your company determine the attitude and overall further relationships. In this article, we shall demonstrate how your Denver-located business can instantly benefit from investing in qualified landscaping services.


Lawn and landscape are the first things they see!

Even if you have the most user-friendly and colorful website or social media profile, at some point your prosperous customer or business partner may have to arrive at your physical location. Most probably, you have spent some significant amount of money and energy on your online presence if they were attracted enough and decided to meet your business in person. Good for you!

But all that investment may be in vain if the positive impression you have managed to make will break against the dirty, untidy landscape and overall disappointing and depressing look of your commercial property. No matter how professional you may be, how unique and innovative your solutions are, the fact that you don`t bother to moan the grass around your establishment, pick up some yellow leaves and fallen branches may be a sign that you just don`t care too much.

So, don`t be surprised if this untidy image can become a dealbreaker for most people. You may think that the lawn, driveway, or sidewalks are unimportant for the overall performance of your IT or transportation business and it can be true. But believe it or not, 2 out of 3 US customers claim that the property image tells them all they need to know about a company`s credibility.


They notice everything!

With the quarantine restrictions on the number of people who can be indoors simultaneously or due to some operation procedures, there is a strong chance that your customers will have to wait outside for some time. And while most of them will be occupied with their gadgets, at some point they will start to simply gaze around.

And how sharp do we become sometimes when we have nothing better to do than just look around. They will notice everything, count how many leaves lie on the lawn, notice how uneven the grass is, and of course pay attention to craws playing on dry brunches. And those who come with children tend to have a superhero vision. No sharp stone, bent fence, or muddy puddle will escape their sight! So even if some details seem insignificant to you, but you have to let customers hang around your property for a while, you may be sure that after 10 minutes they will have a strong opinion about the attitude and condition of your business.


Neglected landscape can be dangerous.

Aesthetics aside, neglecting dry branches or rocks on the pathway may put your employees and customers in grave danger. Do you know that only in 2020 Denver courts adjudicated claims of injuries that happened on commercial properties for almost $1 bln? And this happened while we were locked at home for several months.

You are fully responsible for the safety of every visitor. Once a person gets injured on your property, he has a full right to sue you for neglecting or putting him in danger. So, eventually, an untidy lawn, a rock on a driveway, or a branch that can fall on a sidewalk may cost you millions.

Even if no one gets hurt, there is a strong risk of damage or even destroy your assets – vehicles, equipment, and the real estate itself. Comparing to those costs, paying a professional to keep an eye on the aesthetics and safety of your territory seems like a smart insurance investment.


Leave it to the professionals

Those were some most obvious reasons to take good care of the landscape of your commercial property. And most business owners understand them. However, we understand that you already have enough on your plate to care about things like even lawn or clean driveways. Not to mention seeming indulgences like seasonal planting, picking up the best kind of turf for your soil and conditions, or the overall landscape design. However, those are crucial factors. They won`t just make your business look better.

Here are only some benefits of a well-maintained property exterior:   

  • Clean and tidy exterior attracts potential customers and raises your credibility in their eyes;
  • According to the looks of your property, people decide about the value of your goods and services;
  • Attention to details is an important factor for business partners and investors;
  • Placed in a tidy and pleasing landscape, people feel inspired and happy, which automatically encourages them to spend money more willingly;
  • Employees feel more engaged and tend to work harder once they feel comfortable, safe, and aesthetically pleased at their workplace.

Now you see that the maintenance of your commercial property is as important for the overall success of your enterprise as digital marketing strategies, IT protocols, and governance.

Want to learn about all additional benefits and make your Denver business stand out among competitors, contact us today and get an instant quote on various professional landscaping services tailored specifically for the demands and peculiarities of your establishment. Our qualified professionals, high-quality equipment, and years of experience guarantee to instantly enhance the image of your enterprise in the eyes of customers, business partners, and investors.

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