Our sidewalk de-icing services provide a maintained look to your Denver property, since the outside of your building is the first thing most people see. It is also a matter of safety, black ice in parking lots and along walkways are a hazard just waiting to strike. Anti-icing and de-icing involve the application of elements, primarily derivatives of salts, that are used to lower the freezing point of liquids. This means the snows and ice that exist will be broken down into water and won’t be allowed to refreeze.

The Importance of Commercial De-Icing in Denver

Customers and potential customers see the outside of your Denver property before they see anything else, which often factors into their first impressions. It is important to use proper de-icing services convey a professional look, that your property is cared after. Improper sidewalk de-icing isn’t merely aesthetic, it can also cause a fall hazard for anyone visiting your building. Our anti-icing and de-icing services will ensure that your Denver property not only looks nice, but it stays safe.

How Anti Icing in Denver Works

The colligative property is the measure of particles in a substance. All liquid solvents with dissolved particles demonstrate the properties of colligation, so when certain elements are added to snow and ice, they increase the colligative property of the water and depress the freezing point, meaning as temperatures decrease, our de-icing services can prevent ice buildup in important areas near you. Even in the lowest of Denver’s temperatures, commercial de-icing turns ice and snow into water, and won’t allow it to refreeze unless the temperatures are below negative 25 degrees, which is not common in this area.

Eco-Friendly De-Icing Service Options in Denver

Our anti-icing and deicing company in Denver has an eye on decreasing our environmental impact. Many commercial deicing companies extend anti icing or deicing services that damage the environment. They get into the groundwater and affect plant and animal life. For sidewalk de-icing they work well, but we offer eco-friendly products also, without the potential detriment to the environment. Our anti-icing products break down naturally in the environment into elements that naturally exist in the environment. For more information on our de-icing and ice removal services in the Denver area, get in touch with us today.

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Strip malls, offices, HOA and any other commercial properties around Denver can benefit from the services of Kona Snow & Turf. Every unpredictable Colorado season is covered by our trained and experienced professionals. Our turf maintenance includes native grass services, property clean-up, mowing, edging, aerating, fertilizing, weed control and irrigation services. Some other services are available upon request, like tree trimming. Undaunted by the Denver seasons, we also do de-icing, ice-prevention services and snow removal. Conscious of the environment, we offer eco-friendly ice melt products. Keep your commercial property clean and professional looking year-round. Contact us today.
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