Types of Snow Removal Contracts for Commercial Properties

Types of Snow Removal Contracts for Commercial Properties

In order to receive the best possible snow removal service, you need to know some basic terms and conditions that come with a contract from a company. A good contract will be determined by your property’s specific needs and will come with the signed agreement of service. While a contract is mainly important to ensure the job is done correctly, the way you choose to pay for the service is just as crucial. If you need further clarification about the options of such services, read on for an explanation of the types of snow removal contracts for commercial properties.

Seasonal Contracts

Many snow removal companies like to provide options for their commercial clients. A contract that is seasonal is similar to a Netflix or Spotify subscription. You simply pay once, and then you can bask in the benefits of the contract for the selected amount of time. These kinds of contracts are quite popular among property managers, as they tend to relieve stress and tension throughout the winter season. Typically, these contracts are a two to three-year agreement that comes with a fixed price per month for the company’s snow services, so they are ideal for the budget-conscious business owner.

Per Event or Per Push Contracts

Another option out of the different types of snow removal contracts for commercial properties is a contract that is “per event.” This kind of contract is ideal for property managers who desire freedom, as they are not tied down to a long-term contract, nor do they have to pay for services they do not receive. This contract is for snow services when snow is plowed per snowstorm or snowfall.

Again, a per event contract provides service only if snow falls to a certain agreed-upon amount. For companies that offer “per push” contracts, a client would only pay each time the contractor plows the property. A per push contract would not cover multiple visits throughout a long or heavy snowstorm.

Full-Service Contracts

Full-service contracts are a sweet spot for any property manager. Contractors go above and beyond with their snow and ice removal services. Like seasonal contracts, these contracts are also usually set for several years, but they come with extra power to fight winter weather and potential dangers at commercial properties. HOAs and retail property managers will like this contract option because they will be fully covered for whatever winter brings.

If you’re currently in the market for snow removal services for your commercial property in Denver, Colorado, you’ve come to the right place. From this winter on, Kona Snow & Turf will be the perfect company to handle your service needs in Colorado’s coldest season. Our expert snow removal contractors hit the roads early to take good care of your property. Contact us about our available snow service contracts today.

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