Professional Ice Removal Services for Park Meadows, CO

Environmentally Conscious Deicing Services in Park Meadows

We strive to provide premium deicing services in the Park Meadows area, while maintaining an eco-friendly standard in regards to the substances we choose to use. Harsh chemicals can get the job done but why unnecessarily harm the surrounding plant and animal life when there are more sustainable solutions available. By carefully using environmentally safe products, we answer your ice control problems while keeping a low carbon footprint to keep Colorado beautiful.

Ice Control Solutions Using Rock Salt in Park Meadows

Rock Salt (Sodium Chloride) is the most widely used substance for deicing services throughout Park Meadows. Sodium chloride works by dropping the freezing temperature of water to below 32 degrees. This allows the ice sheets on your property to melt and prevents any new ice from forming wherever the salt is applied. Although rock salt is effective at degrees down to negative nine, this method is best implemented when temperatures are around 15 degrees and above.

Handling Colder Temperatures with Calcium Chloride Deicing in Park Meadows

As we get deeper into winter, the temperatures can drop so low that rock salt is no longer working to deice sidewalks and walkways around your property. Our professional ice removal experts implement calcium chloride, which is effective in temperatures down to negative 25 degrees. While calcium chloride is more expensive than rock salt, we feel that the safety of your property is worth the extra precaution. Calcium Chloride also works to remove the ice by lowering the freezing temperature of H2O preventing hazardous ice sheets from forming.

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