Ice Removal Services for Parker, CO

Protecting Parker with Our Eco-Friendly Ice Removal Services

Kona takes environmental sustainability very seriously when it comes to deicing solutions. Many companies use harmful chemicals that can cause long lasting negative effects to Colorado’s water supply and plant life. We hold ourselves to a higher standard by only using deicing substances that prevent devastating effects on the environment. Contact us and see how our safe deicing methods can ensure the safety of your pathways even on the coldest days this winter

Commercial Deicing Services in Parker with Rock Salt

On winter days where the temperatures are holding above 15 degrees, our experts distribute rock salt, or sodium chloride, on walkways, entrances and sidewalks around your business. Ice sheets pose a serious slip hazard, but by using rock salt to lower the freezing temperature of water we can make sure the ice melts and is unable to refreeze. Rock salt can be used when degrees drop even lower down to negative nine degrees.

When Calcium Chloride is Best Used as Deicing Salt in Parker

Calcium chloride, an inorganic salt, is used instead of rock salt on days where the temperature really dips down, effectively controlling ice formation down to negative 25 degrees. Calcium chloride comes with a hefter price tag than rock salt but is necessary to protect your employees and guests even during the coldest days. The substance handles deicing in the same way that rock salt does by lowering the freezing temperature of water even further resulting in the inability for ice sheets to form.

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Commercial Accounts Only - No Residential Snow Removal

Please do not inquire unless you represent a business or HOA looking for a commercial snow removal account. We do not service private residences.