Ice Removal and Prevention in Highlands Ranch, CO

Sustainable Deicing Services in Highlands Ranch

Kona takes pride in using only eco-friendly de-icing solutions to keep Highlands Ranch’s environment safe. Harsh chemicals can cause irreparable damage to the plants, water supply, and animals in the area. These products can be very effective, but at what cost? Kona’s ice removal services in Highlands Ranch uses methods that are safe for your community’s environment.

Rock Salt for Ice Removal in Highlands Ranch

Rock Salt is the most used method for commercial ice control in Highlands Ranch. While rock salt is most effective when temperatures are at 15 degrees or higher, the substance is still useful for removing ice down to temperatures of negative 9 degrees. Rock salt works by lowering the freezing temperature of water to below 32 degrees, allowing ice build-up to dissolve while preventing new sheets of ice from forming.

Using Calcium Chloride De-Icing Salt In Highlands Ranch

Temperatures in a Highlands Ranch can dip drastically without warning during the winter months. Rock salt is great for a normal winter storm in Colorado but calcium chloride, an inorganic salt, is effective for commercial ice removal when temperatures really drop, removing ice down to negative 25 degrees. Calcium chloride works just like its organic counterpart to lower the freezing temperature allowing the ice to melt. Contact us to schedule an assessment of your property so that Kona can keep your business safe through the winter months.

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